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Massage Oil Heater Round

Massage Oil Heater Round
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Massage oil Heater Round

The electric massage oil warmer "Square" ensures that your massage oil is always at the right temperature and your guest can enjoy a pleasant massage. In about 20 minutes, the oil or lotion is heated to an average of 55 degrees Celsius. The temperature is maintained as long as the device is switched on. When applied, the oil is slightly warmer than body temperature and feels pleasant on the skin, but not too hot. The massage oil warmer keeps the temperature constant throughout the day and can be used in a variety of settings, such as in spas, salons, nail studios, medical practices, or at home. The compact and lightweight design also makes it very practical for mobile massages. The elegant and stylish warmer made of plastic is available in a dark walnut finish. With just one click, you can safely and effectively heat your massage oil. You can keep your oil or lotion evenly warm throughout the day. Without open flames or water, the interior of the massage oil warmer heats up and transfers the heat to the oil in the bottle.


Maximum diameter: 100 mm


Bottom diameter: 90 mm


Height: 190 mm


Rated voltage: 220 V


Power: 40 watts


Frequency: 60 Hz


Temperature: 55 degrees Celsius


Bottle capacity: 300 ml


Weight: 600 grams


Cable length: 150 cm

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